Abdul Rashid s/o Haji Ahmed Godil
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Salam to Every one ,
My name is Rashid Godil, I belong to dhoraji memon family from Karachi Pakistan .I am V.P. of Dhoraji Asscoaition karachi Pakistan and M.C. member of All Pakistan Memon Federation and I.T.committe chairman in Karachi.I am Social worker of the community and wish everybody can share in social work because we belong to society and our religion ISLAM teach us to serve humminity

Memon community in early days built masjid ,madrasa,schools .In Pakistan diffrent memon jamats doing really good work.We spend millions of dollars to serve humminity but beacause we are not unite and not doing on one platform and other communities doing only on one platform goverment recognise them but we spend a lot but not U.N. nor our goverment recognise us .I request all memon communities please be unite
Read Quran
read Quran

details will be here after short time
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Be unite and choose one leader

Rashid Godil receving award from Haji Siddiq Bilwani in dubai in 1st International convention
In dubai where 1st memon international convention was held delegation from U.K.,U.S.A,India,Pakistan and other countries
I am software developer pls email