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Minister for Planning Dr.Hafeez Shiekh giving GoldMedal To Dr.Amin Surya(Sitara-e-Imtiaze)
Dr.Amin Surya receving GoldMedal from Dr.Hafeez Sheikh at RangoonwalaHall Programme arrange by Dhoraji Association .V.P. of D.A. Mr.Rashid Godil also present in picture
Federal Minister Dr.Malik Kansi giving GoldMedal to Safia Imtiaz for Best performance in Matric result at All Pakistan Memon Federation programme I.T.committe chairman Rashid Godil also present there
Safia Imtiaz secure highest marks in Matric result
Mr.Maqsood Ismail ,Chairman of Export Proccessing Zone giving award to Dr. at Dhoraji Association Programme
In 1999 , award programme cheif guesst Mr.Maqsood Ismail Chairman Export Processing Zone giving award to Dr. for best performmance in Medical camp held by Dhoraji Association
Gold Medal programme group,Haji Ibrahim Teli,Haji Razzak Teli,H.Razzak Tasty,Mr.Zubair Motiwala,Dr.Amin Surya and Mr.Tariq Saeed.
Three Gold Medal ...1-Zubair Motiwala(Chammber of Commerce Presedent)..2-Dr.Amin Surya(Sitar-e-Imtiaz)..3-Mr.Haji Hanif Haji Razzak Janoo(H.Counselate General of Kenya)
at 1st International Memon Convention dubai 2001
Haji Rafique Pardesi ,Mr. abobaker Qasim, Raid,Rashid Godil and others at Convention Hall .
At Dubai convention Mr.Aboo Tayob ,Farooq and Rashid GOdil in smiling face
Mr.Aboo Tayob ,member of delegation from South Africa really a bold man .Always think about memon community how to uplift our community
Sir Adamjee Day by All Pakistan Memon Fedration ,Adamjee son also present with retd.Cheif Justice Mr.Sajjad Ali Shah
Mr.Haji Masood (Memon Khidmat Forum) also Present

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